Liiv Residences Pasir Panjang West Coast Vale

Soon to rise on this side of the Pasir Panjang Road is the Liiv Residences. Adjacent to Singapore’s favorite leisure hub, the West Cost Park, it is also nearby the National University of Singapore among other educational institutions found along West Coast Road. This early, Singapore is about to witness one of the upscale residential buildings this side of the city-state. Liiv Residences is a residential building under construction at the Pasir Panjang Road West Coast Vale. Its developer, LCT Land, describes the property as a freehold development. This means that the owner has unlimited ownership of the property and the lot where said property stood. Tentative date of construction is on the 30th of November of this year.

Liiv Residences LCT Land Pasir Panjang

The building is set to be completed by the year 2020. The expected number of units are 23 residential units within 5 storeys. Most of the expected initial inhabitants are small families with kids studying at the National University of Singapore, perhaps the most prominent landmark found nearby this property. Apparently, most of the establishments close to the Liiv Residences are schools. Apart from the National University of Singapore, other schools found nearby are the Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Anglo Chinese Junior College and the Anglo Chinese School. Whether the kids are just starting in elementary school or young adults on their way to college, there are units at Liiv Residences up for grabs while reservation fees are still in place.

Liiv Residences LCT Land

Liiv Residences is also one of the first places that a person can see if driving from the Ayer Rajah Expressway. So individuals and families can easily find a convenience store like 7-Eleven for their daily necessities. For the serious shoppers though, they can simple choose between Rochester Mall or Star Vista Mall. This is the kind of residential building that will reflect the luxurious yet laid back lifestyle of the folks regularly seen at the West Coast area. A place to walk around with kids in tow or simply a spot to frolic around to enjoy the sun, it has become the kind of community fit for people into some outdoor activities.

Liiv Residences West Coast Singapore

Future residents may see themselves enjoying time to grill some meat by the barbecue area while kids spent time in the playground. Fitness enthusiasts can split their time for some outdoor activity playing by the tennis court or enjoying the pool to swim. Others may simply kill time by losing weight at the indoor gym. Locals are close to living in a resort environment at the Liiv Residences. Anticipated units at the Liiv Residences are big enough to find no studio units among them. No worries as floor plans are still “subject to change”. This makes the smallest confirmed unit has 1 bedroom. Meanwhile, the biggest units have 3 bedrooms in them. The earliest buyers may choose between 2 views – the West Coast highway view or the Pasir Panjang Road view.

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