HY Realty Queens Peak Dundee Road Condo

HY Realty is a company that has it’s headquarters on the island of Singapore. It is a property development company that tends to concentrate on carrying out the construction of residential building projects on the island. The company was set up during 2012 with the intention of winning bids to build housing developments in Singapore. The availability of development projects means that construction companies have greater opportunity to build housing units in Queens Peak Condo and make healthy profits once these are sold. It is near to Queensway Shopping Centre and Valleypoint Shopping Centre.

Queens Peak MCC Land

Singapore seems to have had a more resilient property development sector than many other countries, partly due to the shortage of land, and the relatively high demand for housing ensuring that the slump in prices for new and existing properties did not last too long. The land parcels that the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority puts up for tender attract bids near Ikea Alexandra and Anchorpoint from several bidders due to most of these being in prime real estate areas of the island. HY Realty frequently faces stiff competition to win a bid, all the rival companies have to place large bids to stand a reasonable chance of winning it.

Queens Peak Queenstown MRT Station

HY Realty has won such bids and then successfully complete building projects, most recently the Dundee Road development witnessed the company being the highest bidder. It is now in the process of building this project for Queens Peak, which it was awarded after bidding $483 million and out bidding eight rival companies.

HY Realty Dundee Road

The company is counting on the Dundee Road development to make it a nice tidy profit once it has been built and the units can be sold off quickly enough for the full asking price. Previous projects have done exactly that for HY Realty Queens Peak Queenstown MRT as well as it’s rivals. It believes that the Emerald of Katong location of the Dundee Road and parcel makes the money it bid to complete the project wel worthwhile.

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