Say Bye Bye to JCube as Capitaland Plans For New Residential Development

The Jurong Lake District masterplan will make Jurong Lake the largest mixed-use district outside the city centre with 4 MRT lines by 2035. Until then, the JCube mall will remain operational and business as usual, but its tenants will need to find new rental spaces. Fortunately, rental rates have recently rebounded, which should make things easier for existing tenants.

JCube is a shopping mall in Jurong East Central

The owner of JCube, a shopping mall in Jurong East, is looking to convert the site into a mixed-use development. A new design would include commercial space on the ground floor and residential units on the upper floors. The project is expected to be completed in five years. Capitaland is a real estate investment trust based in Singapore and currently owns 23 properties. Of these, 96 percent are located in Singapore. The firm has also recently entered the Australian market, purchasing three properties in Australia. It has plans to develop the properties by 2022.

JCube was opened in 2012. It is one of the four shopping malls in Jurong East Central. The other three are IMM, JEM and Westgate. The mall is located next to the Jurong East MRT station. The proposed development is slated to have a larger plot area than the current JCube mall. The new development would have a plot ratio of 4.2, compared to 3.0 at present.

It is home to Singapore’s first Olympic-sized ice rink

The first Olympic-sized ice rink in Singapore will help the city-state expand its winter sports opportunities. With this new facility, Singaporeans will be able to train to become world-class ice skaters. It will also help the country become more competitive by hosting regional competitions and offering training sessions for amateur athletes. And the Rink will serve as a hub for the winter sports fraternity and the community, bringing the winter sports closer to the community.

JCube is a multi-purpose shopping mall that has an ice skating rink and an IMAX cinema in the vicinity. Located across from the Jurong East MRT and bus interchange, it offers a wide variety of retail and dining options at a reasonable price. The JCube is one of the city’s three-in-one mega malls, and it is considered the second largest mall in Singapore.

It has an IMAX theatre

As part of its plans to create a new residential community, Capitaland is exploring different options for redeveloping the JCube shopping centre. The mall currently has an Olympic-size ice rink and is also the first IMAX in the suburbs. The project is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2022.

It is close to Westgate Shopping Centre

The Westgate Shopping Centre is a family-oriented shopping mall that is conveniently located close to the Jurong East MRT station. This mall is home to more than 250 stores and restaurants. Westgate is also close to several schools and hospitals. It has direct connectivity to the Jurong East MRT station and the Jurong East bus interchange. Moreover, it boasts a dedicated children’s play area and several restaurants.

The new office tower and mall will be able to serve the more than one million residents in Jurong and Tuas. Both the buildings will be equipped with green design features. For example, the office tower will be designed to use low-volatile organic compound (VOC) paints and materials.

It is a family-friendly mall

It may be business as usual at JCube mall in the coming months, but say goodbye to the iconic shopping mall in the near future, as developers plan to redevelop the site. According to a masterplan approved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the 7,771.2 sq m plot will be redeveloped into residential and mixed-use development. The first and second floors could remain as commercial space, while the rest of the site would be converted into residential units.

The sale of JCube is being accompanied by several changes in the company’s business model. CICT, a Singapore-listed real estate investment trust, recently agreed to sell the mall for S$340 million to a local property developer. The transaction is expected to be finalised by Q1 2022. The JCube is located just a few minutes’ walk from Westgate and one kilometre away from CapitaLand’s IMM Building.

Completing Between a New Launch Condo Vs A New Executive Condominium

When purchasing a new executive condominium or new launch condo, there are several important factors to consider. These factors can affect the costs of the purchase. By understanding these differences, you can make an informed decision that is best for your budget. The following are some of the costs associated with each type of condominium.

The costs of buying a new launch condo can vary. From high-end mixed-use developments to cosy boutique residences, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to understand the payment process. In most cases, you need to pay a booking fee of about 5% of the total price of the condo. The developer will then issue a Sales & Purchase Agreement or an Option to Purchase Agreement.

Another reason to purchase a new launch condo is the attractive payment schedule. You don’t have to pay the full amount in one go, as the payments are made in progressive installments. This works very well for buyers who don’t have the upfront capital. This allows you to make payments over a long period of time without incurring heavy penalties.

Another reason to purchase a new launch condo is that you will be able to get a new unit with the latest amenities. This means lower maintenance costs, a more comfortable lifestyle, and fewer headaches. You’ll also be able to customize your unit according to your specifications.

The price of new launches is generally higher than resales, partly because construction costs increase with inflation. Typically, new launch properties will cost more than $1,500 per square foot. Also, there is a risk of construction problems, which can lead to a significant price premium. In addition, new launch properties have unpredictable neighbours. So, it’s important to inspect the building physically before buying it.

Another major factor is timing. New launches typically take three to four years to complete. If you’re not in a hurry, you should consider resale units. For example, you could pay the same price for a 3 bedroom unit with a decent view, and a 2-bedroom unit with a better view. Then, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of each unit to decide which one is right for you.

Buying a new launch property is more complicated than purchasing an EC property in Singapore. While it’s possible to purchase an EC property, buying a new launch condo requires careful planning and financial management. You’ll need to plan the payment schedule, determine how much money you need, and develop an overall financial plan.

You can also take advantage of the Progressive Payment Scheme, which allows you to pay over time based on the progress of the construction. If you’re a first-time buyer, be careful not to overestimate your income because this can make it difficult to meet the monthly mortgage payments and other costs. It’s important to buy within your means and avoid overextending yourself.

Buying a new launch condo is not cheap. The payment schedule will vary, depending on the property type and the developer. The first payment is around 5% of the total price, and then you’ll be expected to pay the rest of the money once the project is complete. The monthly payments will go up as the completion date gets closer.

When it comes to buying an executive condominium in Singapore, there are several factors you should consider. Firstly, there are restrictions on the amount of income that can be earned by the homeowner. The government does not allow more than $16,000 per month for any household. In addition, you must not own another property within 30 months of applying for an executive condo. This includes gifts, inheritances, and transfers. Additionally, you must pay a minimum amount for the downpayment (up to 25%). For example, if you are purchasing a two-bedroom unit, it is advisable to put down at least $25,000 in cash.

If you’re a first-time buyer, you will need to be able to prove that your monthly gross income is less than $14,000 per month. Secondly, you should have good housing status and citizenship. Finally, the government will usually subsidise the price of executive condominiums during their launch.

While purchasing an executive condominium costs more than a private condominium, it can be advantageous to those with a large mortgage because the latter’s prices are significantly lower. Moreover, you will have more options when it comes to choosing furnishings and amenities. You’ll also have fewer worries over your mortgage since you’ll have less to worry about.

Executive condominiums have a high appreciation potential compared to private condos. Typically, they catch up with their private counterparts within five to ten years. On a per square foot basis, the average EC price is only about 20 percent higher than a comparable new private condominium.

If you’re a first-time buyer, you may be able to buy a fully furnished executive condominium for less than $100 per month, allowing you to avoid paying maintenance fees. In addition to that, you can continue living in your current HDB flat while you purchase an Executive Condo. However, you must be sure that you’ll be able to live in the Executive Condominium for at least five years.

For many buyers, an executive condominium is the perfect combination of public and private housing. This kind of property is often cheaper than a private condo, and can even be purchased with a housing grant. Moreover, you can enjoy the same facilities as private condos. Whether you’re buying a new condo or upgrading an old one, you’ll want to make sure the price is affordable.

As a general rule, executive condominiums are a bit cheaper than private condos, but still offer a range of amenities that private condominiums do not. Executive condos are also typically close to public transportation, which is a plus for those who don’t want to live far from the city.

Purchasing an executive condominium requires a down payment of $65,000, which can range from $260,000 to $300,000. In addition to this, a buyer will pay stamp duties, which are paid with CPF funds.

When buying a resale condo, buyers assume ownership of a particular unit within a larger building. They are responsible for the internal maintenance and repairs of that unit, but the building itself remains owned by someone else. The homeowners’ association manages the surrounding property. In addition to the unit itself, the buyer will have a legal interest in the building, including any easements that give it access to the surrounding land. As with any other purchase, resale condo buyers should carefully study the unit’s specifications and drawings before finalizing a purchase.

The costs of buying a resale condominium are much lower than the costs of purchasing a new condo. This is because the price per square foot for a resale condo is less than that of a comparable new property. New condos are often more expensive to purchase because they have higher development and land acquisition costs.

Resale condos are usually less expensive than single-family homes, which makes them ideal for first-time homebuyers. They often cost less to maintain than single-family homes, and the exterior maintenance is usually done by the HOA. This includes lawn and shrub care, exterior siding and driveways. This means that you don’t have to spend as much time maintaining them as a single-family home. Another benefit of buying a resale condo is that you can make upgrades and increase its value.

Another benefit of purchasing a resale condo is that closing costs are often lower than those for preconstruction. A preconstruction condo buyer, on the other hand, must pay a developer’s fee, typically 1.75% of the purchase price, and may be required to contribute to the condominium reserve. These costs can add up to several thousand dollars.

Another benefit is that the seller of the resale condo has already paid the property taxes for the entire year. When the buyer takes possession of the condo, they must reimburse the developer the difference between the date of the developer’s payment and the date of possession. Unlike a new purchase, pre-paid taxes are refunded in cash. However, there are ways to negotiate these costs.

When buying a resale condo, the buyer should ask for a disclosure statement and status certificate. These documents contain information regarding the condominium’s construction and operations. These documents may include the declaration and definition of units, common elements, and bylaws. The documents also contain an estimated completion date of construction.

In addition, the developer may be willing to waive closing costs if the buyer purchases the resale unit in cash. In some cases, the developer will also be willing to offer a closing credit in exchange for a lower asking price. In such instances, the buyer should not expect the sponsor to offer lower prices because of the higher sales volume.

In addition to paying down the purchase price, the buyer will also need to pay for utilities, maintenance, and property taxes. Some condo associations charge special assessments to cover shared expenses such as unforeseen building repairs or new amenities approved by the condo board.

Marina Gardens Lane New Condo at Marina South MRT Station

With an unparalleled location near the MRT and a Grade-A office building, the Marina Gardens Lane New Condo offers a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. The building features luxury finishes, elegant landscaping, intelligent architectural innovations, designer fixtures, modern appliances, and a 24-hour concierge. If you’re looking for the ideal condo in the heart of Singapore, this is it. Invest in a Marina Gardens Lane Residences condo now and enjoy the best of the best.

Located in District 1, the high-rise Marina Gardens Lane Residences is an excellent choice for a luxury condo. The building features a soaring, 245-meter tower, making it one of Singapore’s tallest residences. Residents can enjoy sweeping views of the city skyline from the balconies. There are many nearby amenities, including the Downtown MRT station and the Esplanade. The condominium’s poolside facilities are among its best features.

Residents will find a pool, gym, and concierge service at Marina Gardens Lane Residences. A second-floor Aqua Gym is perfect for cardiovascular exercise. This pool is shallow enough for children to enjoy, yet warm enough for adults. In addition to the pool, residents will also find a party zone. The condominium is located at 21 Marina Way, near the Greater Southern Waterfront and Marina South Pier.

For those looking for a prime location near the MRT and Downtown, the Marina Gardens Lane Residences is the right choice for you. The location is close to many landmarks in Singapore, including the Civic Centre, Chinatown, and the upcoming Orchard Road. Located near the MRT station at Marina South, this luxury condominium is near a wide array of shopping and dining amenities. Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Residences can even walk to the Downtown MRT station in ten minutes.

Residents at Marina Gardens Lane Residences can enjoy a wellness sanctuary with a swimming pool, sauna, and Jacuzzi. The fitness centre offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment. It also offers fitness classes and a range of amenities. Residents can also enjoy the facilities of the steam room and sauna. There is also an on-site restaurant.

The new project is slated to launch in December and will boast 795 residential units. The development will be located near the Grade-A office tower Shenton Way and is in the downtown core, which makes it an ideal location for both businesspeople and families. The condominiums will be located near Marina Station Square and Central Linear Park. Purchasing a unit here could be a good choice.

Located in the City Centre, Marina Gardens Lane is a mixed-use development featuring two luxury residential towers, a Grade-A office tower, and over three million square feet of office space. Residents will enjoy panoramic views of the city and the waterfront, as well as proximity to Suntec City, the Esplanade, and the downtown MRT station.

Its location near the Downtown MRT station makes it easy to commute around the city. The project is also conveniently close to the MRT stations at Marina South and Downtown. The North and South lines are both accessible from the condo, as well as the Circle and Thomson lines. The amenities include a Virgin Active fitness club and a number of specialty restaurants. Lastly, it is only a short walk away from the MRT stations of the Downtown, Circle, and Downtown.

The luxury living at Marina Gardens Lane is unmatched, with its expansive amenities. This high-rise development, which is part of a mixed-use district that will eventually become the financial hub of Singapore. The building is surrounded by stunning landscaping, and the area is conveniently close to four MRT stations. This makes it an ideal location for businesses. When choosing a new condo in Singapore, consider how much space you need, and what type of lifestyle you are looking for.

The Marina Gardens Lane New Condo at the Marina South MRT Station is located in the city center, offering seamless MRT connectivity. It has one, two, and four bedroom apartment types and is located near two Grade-A offices and two meeting rooms that can accommodate 122 people. It is close to three MRT lines. The location is ideal for commuters, as it is near major shopping malls, dining, and entertainment spots.

The modern upscale community at Marina Gardens Lane is surrounded by lush inner-city parks. The central garden, which resembles a paddy field, is home to 386 species of plants. It is also home to a 13-meter waterfall and a reflecting pool. There are also multiple amenities that make it the perfect home for any savvy businessman or woman.

Moreover, the property is near a major MRT station, ensuring easy access to the city-state’s other attractions. It is also one of the five white sites that have residential and retail uses on the ground floor. Its completion is expected to help jump-start redevelopment of this region. Moreover, it will be car-lite and will yield approximately 795 condominium units and 750 square meters of retail space.

The location is another benefit of living in a luxury mixed-use complex. It is near Raffles Place MRT station and the East Coast Parkway Expressway, and is the tallest residential building in Singapore. The condo offers a luxurious lifestyle, with easy access to the nearby Raffles Place MRT station and the Esplanade. Moreover, it is convenient to travel anywhere in the city thanks to its underground link.

The design of the Marina Gardens Lane New Condo is based on the green culture of San Francisco. The architects of the new condominium use sustainable construction techniques that incorporate cutting-edge technology, intelligent resource management, and clean finishes. The units are spacious and boast a picturesque view of the marina. They have been thoughtfully arranged with bespoke signature weave and tastefully aligned fixtures.

The residences at the Marina Gardens Lane are a leasehold apartment that was completed in 2008. The building features seven-level, 1111-unit units, and is located near the city center. It also features a tennis court and basement parking garage. It is also connected to several MRT stations. It is located just a few minutes’ drive from Changi Airport. This new condominium will be perfect for first-time buyers and investors who are interested in a luxurious lifestyle.

The price of a unit in Marina Gardens Lane will depend on your preferences. Some people prefer a one-bedroom unit, while others prefer a two-bedroom apartment. In terms of size, the building has different types of units available, including penthouses. If you want to save on space, you might want to opt for a two-bedroom apartment. Regardless of your requirements, the Marina Gardens Lane New Condo at Marina South MRT Station has all the high-end finishes you’re looking for.

The location of the Marina Gardens Lane Residences at the MRT station is perfect for those who want a luxurious life. The building is near the Raffles Place MRT station, which makes it convenient for commuting around the city. It also features a private beach and a swimming pool. It is also convenient to walk to other landmarks in the area. But be sure to check out the amenities before deciding whether to live here.

This brand-new development is in a prime waterfront location. The project features a 140,000-square-foot retail podium. The architecture is designed to blend in with its surroundings. The project is near the American College and Suntec City. Aside from its prime waterfront location, this new development will also provide its residents with seamless access to business and cultural facilities in the area.

The design of Marina Gardens Lane Residences draws inspiration from the city’s green culture. Designed by Ingenhoven Architects, the complex focuses on sustainability. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, intelligent use of resources, and clean finishes. It also features a stunning pool, gym, and teppanyaki terrace. The location is also excellent, with four nearby MRT stations.

This project offers premium quality fittings and a prime downtown location. It is a popular choice among first-time homebuyers and property investors alike. The development is within easy reach of the Downtown MRT station and is within walking distance of other important areas of the city. The Marina Gardens Lane Residences are a great choice for a lifestyle that combines convenience and luxury.

This new development is set amidst beautiful landscapes and is adjacent to two parks. It is also in close proximity to the Marina South MRT Station, which connects the North South Line, Circle Line, and Downtown Line. It has a prestigious shopping podium and is surrounded by several restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. It also has its own tennis court.

Aside from its central location, Marina Gardens Lane New Condo is also near the ArtScience Museum, which is an iconic landmark in Singapore. The building features luxury finishes and has been designed with intelligent architectural innovations, including designer fixtures, modern appliances, and private lift lobbies. Some of the units also feature lavish penthouses and balconies with views of the Singapore Strait.

Why Tampines EC is undervalued Compared to Other Areas

Why Tampines EC is Undervalued Compared to Other Areas

Why is Tampines EC undervalued compared to other areas? The EC was privatised in 2013, making it more profitable than MOP. Young professionals in particular are attracted to Tampines for its affordable price tag. It is also situated in the east. Read on to learn about the advantages of buying an EC in Tampines! There are many other advantages as well, but we will look at the most notable ones in this article.

ECs are more profitable upon privatization vs. MOP

A comparison of ECs sold after privatization and those sold after MOP shows that the former were more profitable. The reason why ECs are more profitable after privatization may have to do with the longer time horizon of MOP, factoring in inflation. It may also have to do with the economic downturn. In any case, there are numerous reasons to sell ECs after MOP.

In a decade, the capital appreciation rate of ECs surpasses that of private condos. That is because the price of an EC is lower than that of its private counterpart, and it is built by a private developer. The price gap between private condos and ECs usually starts at 20 per cent. After ten years, the price gap becomes less than five per cent.

The vacancy rate of ECs is at 8.4 percent. The increased completed supply of ECs translates to a higher vacancy rate. Aside from that, some owners may purchase an EC purely for investment purposes and leave it vacant during MOP. Ultimately, this may prove to be a good investment strategy for investors. The vacancy rate will increase once the market stabilizes.

After MOP, owners can sell their ECs to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. However, the price gap will not widen significantly unless the ECs are sold to foreigners. This is because foreigners can only purchase ECs after 10 years. In this case, ECs sold after MOP are still more attractive to locals and PRs. This difference is due to the timing of the sale.

ECs are a great long-term investment. They tend to have lower initial purchase prices than MOP and yield higher rental income. The EC price has fallen since its peak and has moved to the S$750-770 per-sf range. The 30 per cent MSR has narrowed the current demand pool. However, developers have tried to ensure that new EC units remain affordable for locals.

They are a popular location for young professionals

Young professionals who want to live in a place near major shopping centres and the airport will be interested in Tampines EC. It is near several good schools, and the proximity to public transport means that you will never have to worry about late buses, long lines, or traffic. There are several public transport routes available from Tampines EC, and the area has ample room for new developments.

As a relatively new neighbourhood, Tampines EC is still relatively undervalued compared to other areas for attracting young professionals. However, it is an up-and-coming neighborhood with many restaurants and popular hangouts. If you’re looking to live in a place close to the city, you should consider living in the Baker neighborhood. This is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood that’s close to the Central Business District and Downtown. The master plan includes a shopping mall, a multi-purpose hall, more public space, a food court, and popular fast-food outlets.

They are located in the east

If you are interested in investing in property in the EC, you should know that the Tampines Green EC is a prime area. It is near the Tampines Hub and has been recently developed to include neighbourhood parks and public spaces. Its master plan will also have improved access to the MRT system. By 2021, it should be fully built up. This is a good investment if you have a young family and want to live near amenities.

As the name implies, this area is in the centre of Tampines Transformation. The town master plan, Tampines Town Master Plan, outlines a comprehensive development scheme in the area. New neighbourhoods and projects are being planned to create a greener, inclusive community. The area is also well-connected to the rest of the city. If you are interested in investing in Tampines EC real estate, Parc Central Realty can help you find the perfect property.

Parc Central – This project, named after New York’s Central Park, is the first EC development in Tampines since 2012. It features five-bedroom flats with open-plan living and multigenerational living areas. The developer is a joint venture between Sunway Developments and Hoi Hup Realty. Sophia Hills, a project by the same developer, won several awards for its design and functionality. It received Gold at the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards.

Tampines EC is located near three MRT stations, Tampines, and Expo. It is also connected to the Downtown Line via the East West Line, and this extension will be completed in 2020. Tampines EC is home to most of Singapore’s malls outside the central area. The two major malls are Festival Walk and Our TI Hub.

The Mayfair and The Scala are two ECs near each other, but the former has a better location. Both are less expensive than Eastvale, but the former has a higher lease start date and is close to the Lorong Chuan MRT station. Eastvale is located within 1.1 kilometres of the Pasir Ris MRT station. It is also near the Hai Sing Catholic School, and Casuarina Primary School.

They are undervalued compared to other areas

In terms of price appreciation, the current EC market in Singapore is still undervalued. Prices in the prime neighbourhoods are likely to increase, as the supply of land is limited. However, the price of ECs will still be good value for money. The best selling ECs in the region include The Tampines Trilliant and Twin Waterfalls. Compared to other neighbourhoods, these ECs will likely gain in selling prices above the MOP price.

While some investors believe that the EC market is still undervalued, there are several good reasons to purchase in this neighbourhood. Among the most important factors is the proximity to the MRT station. The MRT station is only 3 bus stops away. In addition to its proximity to the MRT, this region is also convenient for commuters. The MRT station in Tampines Avenue 10 is located just 5 minutes away from the development site. However, it’s difficult to rent out your unit in the EC market for the first five years because of the regulations. In addition, the rental income from ECs may not be as lucrative as that of private condos.

As for the other factors, the EC market has been more profitable than the MOP cycle. This is partly because the ECs have longer time horizons and can benefit from inflation. However, the MOP peak was in 2013/14, and this area has only marginal gains. So, before acquiring property in Tampines, make sure you take a close look at the performance of other ECs in the vicinity.

Located near the Tampines MRT station, this neighbourhood is easily accessible from the airport and the downtown. There are also reputable schools, parks and public transportation. It is also a good choice for young couples or working professionals, and is close to the new Cross Island Line, a rail transit project that is planned to serve the entire city. It will also be convenient for commuters to take the MRT from downtown to Jurong Industrial Estate.

Midwood Condo Located Near to Dairy Farm Nature Park

Midwood is the ideal point to start with anything including nature parks that add to organic charm. The facilities of good lifestyle could be found next door. It is located at the heart of public transport networks with Hillview MRT Station very close to your home and the BKE and PIE within few minutes of drive. It has nearby school and medical facilities at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Midwood lies between nature enclaves of hike and leisure walk. At a short distance, Bukit Batok Town Park or Little Guilin, Dairy Farm Nature Park which has a wonderful landscape, outdoor exercise opening diversity of experiences.

Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre
Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre

Midwood Condo Located Near to Dairy Farm Nature Park

The intricate facade enhances its appearance and attracts all the people around it. This may be a person traveling from outside at the towers or entertaining himself from the pool inside. The beautiful plants and green nature add to its appearances and make a perfect scene to view for everyone.

The Dairy Farm Nature Park packs a variety of amazing experiences on its 63 acres of land. On the southwest coast lies a beautiful swampy area that was once the center of Singapore. The former granite quarries are located within the area, lending the design promotion to the outsiders of Midwood. Continue exploring your environment near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Home to the highest natural environment and the first rainforest that survives the island, it has one of the richest natural systems and the most diverse ecosystems.

Being close to the park and the Rail Corridor (Central) opens up many opportunities for exploration in the wild. Located on the outskirts of Hillview station and King Albert Park Downtown Line MRT, the section between the 24km railway will reappear as three different parks available: Heritage and Culture, Biodiversity and Greenery, and Recreation. Closer to these exciting changes, your home in Midwood will put you in a place of real desire. Your neighborhood is blessed with many shopping and store options, many close to your door range.

Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (8)
Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (8)

Midwood Condo Near to HillV2 and Bukit Timah Market

Across the road from HillV2, you can take your pick to specialty restaurants and fine restaurants that offer regional cakes, desserts, and spirits. You will find a great store with hair services, beauty, medical facilities, dental care, and pets. Go a little further, Rail Mall is an excellent choice when looking for a list of simple extensions. If you look at a fresco restaurant, this charming place with a retro-cool vibe and a relaxed atmosphere will not disappoint you. For a quick lunch, breaks, and dinner money, Bukit Timah Market is a real food eater especially for local restaurants and daily delicacies.

When it comes to international and local schools, parents will enjoy a wide selection of places nearby – CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, St Francis Methodist School, German European School Singapore, and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, to name a few – all accessible within minutes.

The arrival stage features beautiful scenery, magnificent architecture, and architectural details that cover the open space. Wide access enhanced by high-quality safe roads will greet you and your guests as you enter the development. Think of life, meditate in the sky, or just lock yourself in a place and relax in the clear water of a pool over 50 feet [50 m] high. Vistas are endless and unrestricted before you are perfect for a peaceful experience. When it’s time to start a good time for the beat, go down to the pool to relax on the first floor.

Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (19)
Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (19)

Midwood Condo Near to BBQ Pits and Other Developments in Singapore

In Midwood, you don’t need to leave to have fun outside, the tennis court and the outdoor corner of the gym allow you to break out in a sweat without going too far. Or you could make your way to a well-equipped gym to meet your fitness goals. No matter how much space there is, you will be given the vibrating, energetic, and free energy that Midwood offers.

Panoramic vistas and open walkways are invitations to make the most of your outdoor exploration. A very open yard facilitates natural and seamless movement in the spaces. Enjoy free al fresco moments at any of the BBQ pits, and at the clubhouse closest to the lounge pool. All kinds of events and celebrations are carefully considered so you will have restaurants for a cozy event or cocktail party. Little ones are never left out, let them go into their children’s pool, or use their unlimited art for a little fun on the public lawn. And in those cases where there is a need, there is a child care facility in the facility that caters to your needs.

Home is a harmonious mix of light and space for real relaxation and entertainment. The wide balcony offers an open view, outdoor view, and amazing natural light instantly enhances the sense of openness.

When it comes time to relax, there is a calm interior that is carefully decorated. Then there is the feeling of great calm that may simply cause you to be reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. Amazing privacy with a bath experience that goes beyond the intensity of the comfort. The overall design has thoughtful details, including a wardrobe that comes with smart storage.