Midwood Condo Located Near to Dairy Farm Nature Park

Midwood is the ideal point to start with anything including nature parks that add to organic charm. The facilities of good lifestyle could be found next door. It is located at the heart of public transport networks with Hillview MRT Station very close to your home and the BKE and PIE within few minutes of drive. It has nearby school and medical facilities at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Midwood lies between nature enclaves of hike and leisure walk. At a short distance, Bukit Batok Town Park or Little Guilin, Dairy Farm Nature Park which has a wonderful landscape, outdoor exercise opening diversity of experiences.

Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre
Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre

Midwood Condo Located Near to Dairy Farm Nature Park

The intricate facade enhances its appearance and attracts all the people around it. This may be a person traveling from outside at the towers or entertaining himself from the pool inside. The beautiful plants and green nature add to its appearances and make a perfect scene to view for everyone.

The Dairy Farm Nature Park packs a variety of amazing experiences on its 63 acres of land. On the southwest coast lies a beautiful swampy area that was once the center of Singapore. The former granite quarries are located within the area, lending the design promotion to the outsiders of Midwood. Continue exploring your environment near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Home to the highest natural environment and the first rainforest that survives the island, it has one of the richest natural systems and the most diverse ecosystems.

Being close to the park and the Rail Corridor (Central) opens up many opportunities for exploration in the wild. Located on the outskirts of Hillview station and King Albert Park Downtown Line MRT, the section between the 24km railway will reappear as three different parks available: Heritage and Culture, Biodiversity and Greenery, and Recreation. Closer to these exciting changes, your home in Midwood will put you in a place of real desire. Your neighborhood is blessed with many shopping and store options, many close to your door range.

Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (8)
Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (8)

Midwood Condo Near to HillV2 and Bukit Timah Market

Across the road from HillV2, you can take your pick to specialty restaurants and fine restaurants that offer regional cakes, desserts, and spirits. You will find a great store with hair services, beauty, medical facilities, dental care, and pets. Go a little further, Rail Mall is an excellent choice when looking for a list of simple extensions. If you look at a fresco restaurant, this charming place with a retro-cool vibe and a relaxed atmosphere will not disappoint you. For a quick lunch, breaks, and dinner money, Bukit Timah Market is a real food eater especially for local restaurants and daily delicacies.

When it comes to international and local schools, parents will enjoy a wide selection of places nearby – CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, St Francis Methodist School, German European School Singapore, and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, to name a few – all accessible within minutes.

The arrival stage features beautiful scenery, magnificent architecture, and architectural details that cover the open space. Wide access enhanced by high-quality safe roads will greet you and your guests as you enter the development. Think of life, meditate in the sky, or just lock yourself in a place and relax in the clear water of a pool over 50 feet [50 m] high. Vistas are endless and unrestricted before you are perfect for a peaceful experience. When it’s time to start a good time for the beat, go down to the pool to relax on the first floor.

Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (19)
Midwood by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Hillview MRT Station and hillV2 Shopping Centre (19)

Midwood Condo Near to BBQ Pits and Other Developments in Singapore

In Midwood, you don’t need to leave to have fun outside, the tennis court and the outdoor corner of the gym allow you to break out in a sweat without going too far. Or you could make your way to a well-equipped gym to meet your fitness goals. No matter how much space there is, you will be given the vibrating, energetic, and free energy that Midwood offers.

Panoramic vistas and open walkways are invitations to make the most of your outdoor exploration. A very open yard facilitates natural and seamless movement in the spaces. Enjoy free al fresco moments at any of the BBQ pits, and at the clubhouse closest to the lounge pool. All kinds of events and celebrations are carefully considered so you will have restaurants for a cozy event or cocktail party. Little ones are never left out, let them go into their children’s pool, or use their unlimited art for a little fun on the public lawn. And in those cases where there is a need, there is a child care facility in the facility that caters to your needs.

Home is a harmonious mix of light and space for real relaxation and entertainment. The wide balcony offers an open view, outdoor view, and amazing natural light instantly enhances the sense of openness.

When it comes time to relax, there is a calm interior that is carefully decorated. Then there is the feeling of great calm that may simply cause you to be reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. Amazing privacy with a bath experience that goes beyond the intensity of the comfort. The overall design has thoughtful details, including a wardrobe that comes with smart storage.

Kopar at Newton MRT Station Near to Kampong Java Road

Kopar at Newton apartment is near many shopping centers in the areas of Kampong Road. For instance, the famous Goldhill Plaza and Velocity are situated near Kopar at Newton’s residence. Kopar Newton Condo sits near Istana in Singapore, where many families are outdoors for residents to spend quality time with their families.

Kopar at Newton Near to Newton MRT

Kopar at Newton is developing a new apartment located directly in the center of Newton by Chip Eng Sing. The development site is a land situated right close to the Newton subway station with a full range of services available directly at your door. Located in the Newton area, Kopar has a wide range of outlets located in the Newton Hawker Center, as well as several exclusive restaurants situated in the many shopping centers available. A unique experience comes for you at Kopar in the middle of g. Kopar at Newton represents one of the largest plots of land for sale in Newton with a total of 125,326 square feet of land area and a total gross land area of 350,914 square feet. That is one of the largest plots close to the Newton subway station that is close to facilities.

Kopar at Newton Near to Newton Kampong Java Road


Kopar can be accessed at Newton Kampong Road through the interchange of Newton MRT station for the South-South line and the Downtown line. Also, for bus owners, there are buses along Kampong Java and Bukit Timah. For those who travel to the place, Kopar MRT Station is close to Central Expressway.

At Kampong Java Road, Kopar at Newton has complete and unique facilities. The apartment facilities offer total family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Enjoy a quiet and serene lifestyle in the middle of Newton. Chip Eng Seng, the property and construction developer, listed in Singapore, presented the highest offer of 5,418.8 million plots on Kampong Java Road.

Newton MRT Station Newton Hawker Centre


It is located on a privileged plot close to Newton subway station, a convenient investment for CELH Development, which seeks to renovate its real estate banks. The most recent launches are far from transport for public or not in the city center, but the Kopar MRT station is in the heart of the city. Some shopping centers near Kopar at Newton include United Square Center for Shopping, close to the Novena subway station. Compared to other safe neighborhood locations, such as Cobar in Newton seems to be undervalued given the leading development site.

Avenue South Residence Location at Central Business District

This is a development under the UOL Group, United industrial corporation (UIC) and Khen Leong Company (KLC). Avenue south residence is located 2km away from the Central Business District. People who prefer quieter and serene neighborhoods this is your dream destination. Under Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) the place has conserved 5 buildings from where Singapore’s heritage is preserved. From Avenue south Residence you have access to the supreme view of the Greater Southern Waterfront. When inside Avenue South Residence you have unified access to all of Singapore.

Avenue South Residence Central Business District

Avenue South Residence Singapore occupies a residential area of 245,972 square feet comprising of 2 massively high towers. The tower contains 56 storeys which oversee the Central business district. With a lot of project in progress and some complete Avenue South residence will give you a calm and unique living experience. The following are the features within the development.

Avenue south residence features function rooms, indoor gyms, tennis court, and clubhouses. The development is easily accessible because it is located near Outran station which acts as an interchange to multiples MRT lines in Singapore. The development is also located near the upcoming Cantonment MRT. Along Bukit Merah road and Kampong Bahru road you will have access to bus services for those who like buses.

Avenue South Residence Location Near to Tiong Bahru Plaza

Located within Avenue South Residence is the Tiong Bahru Plaza. This plaza has the ability to accommodate both the old and the young when they are doing their shopping. The plaza is easily accessible due to the presence of the Tiong Bahru station. The mall is capable of serving the very big population of the student from schools near the mall. The mall also serves business executive from the central plaza.

Greater Southern Waterfront Residential and Investment

The greater southern waterfront is a project which is expected to attract more investors to the area. This new district hosts residential and commercial activities which have drawn both youths, students, and professionals to the area. This development which is located next to Cantonment MRT station is expected to promote office, hotels, and retail businesses. This is going to be made possible by this varying crowd accessing development.

If you are an investor planning to invest your next destination should possibly be the Greater Southern Waterfront. For those who want to live a unique and dream lifestyle then Avenue South Residence is the place you should think of. There are no barriers to prevent you from either living or investing at these premises.

The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development

Working in Singapore is the real challenge for hard workers. Singapore is not a big country, as compared to other South East Asian countries. But, it is proven to be the main destination for students, who demand the best education, as well as expatriates whose real aim is triumphant career. Consequently, it is not surprising to see a great number of immigrants in Singapore, in which the majority of them are expats. They never miss their chance in finding the most reliable apartment, surrounded by MRT stations, shopping centres, and business districts. The development is by Singapore Press Holdings.

The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development

They look no other than The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development. They have proven that they are choosing the right place to dwell, thanks to the high-end facilities in this residential and commercial condominium. Located at the Upper Serangoon Road, The Woodleigh Residences is proud of its location in the core of public facilities like Woodleigh MRT Station and Woodleigh Bus Interchange. . Shopaholics also find this place beneficial as popular shopping venues like The Poiz Centre, The Venue Shoppes, and Nex Shopping Mall are stone away.

However, The Woodleigh Residences is also the most favourite dwelling place for families. Not only because of its perfect location nearby highly reputable schools for all grades, but also its outright amenities within the complex. Children playground, swimming pool, sports centre with tennis courts and gym, are only to name a few among a great number of top-notch facilities here. Even if The Woodleigh Residences is located in the core of the city, it doesn’t take the inhabitants’ convenient living for granted. It ensures serene ambiance for them to relax, while they can witness the enchanting city views from each unit’s balcony.

The Woodleigh Residences Woodleigh MRT Station

The Woodleigh Residences is a newly built Mix Development by Singapore Press Holdings and Kajima Development and situated right next to Woodleigh MRT Station. The land is on 99-year lease and the highest bid for the land was submitted by Callisto 1 and Elara 1, subsidiaries of Singapore Press Holdings and Kajima Development. The top bid for the prime residential and commercial units was $1,132 million.

The developers are confident of the Singapore’s real estate market considering several bids were submitted for the project and since it is located right next to MRT Station, makes it an ideal real estate investment destination in Singapore.

The floor plan of the buildings is available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. Those that are on the 6th floor and above will have an unblocked view, while lower floors will either face Bartley Road or the Upper Aljunied Road.

This majestic development together with its amenities and other conveniences make Woodleigh Residences an ideal place to start a family. Basic necessities are within reach and the place is intended to become a sustainable community which makes raising a family here a practical approach to living.

The Woodleigh Residences Woodleigh MRT Station

The last but not the least, The Woodleigh Residences is also proud of its eco-friendly construction development which ensures total comfort, not only for dwellers, but also for the city’s population.

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Cayman Residences Landed Property Parkway Parade

One of the best places in Singapore to reside in is Cayman Residences. There are plenty of reasons why one should definitely consider Cayman Residences as their first option when looking for a place to settle own in Singapore. Some of them are as follows:

Cayman Residences Landed Property Parkway Parade

• Easy access to schools and colleges:
St. Patrick’s School and CHIJ Katong Convent are present very close to Cayman Residences landed property, and are easily accessible. Victoria Junior College is the nearest to Cayman Residences and is super convent to travel to and fro for college kids and lecturers as well. These schools and colleges are also well known for offering extra-curricular activities to their students who then grow up to excel in various exclusive fields.
• Shopping centres and malls in close vicinity:

Cayman Residences 3 East Coast Avenue Singapore 459171

Parkway Parade Shopping centre, including a movie hall and a fitness centre is in close proximity to Cayman Residences. The place boasts of various high-end brands and book stores too. It is extremely convenient to get to this shopping centre, which is complete with a parking lot. 112 Katong Mall is also another well-known mall in the area. Better known as the lifestyle mall, it is coupled with a food court, supermarket, 140 retail stores outlets and also 3 basement levels of parking.
• Scenic beauty and fresh air:

Cayman Residences Freehold Landed Property

Cayman Residences is one of the only places in Singapore worth living in. the place is far from pollution and complete with its scenic beauty. Lying in the midst of Marine Parade and East Coast Avenue, a place in Cayman Residences is definitely a good investment. The lifestyle is healthy, peaceful and comes with easy transport facilities.
The above reasons are not all as to why you should get yourself a place in Cayman Residences. It lies in the heart of Singapore in East Coast Avenue, and is one of the most iconic laces to be in. Get yourself a place in Cayman Residences today!

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